Pharmacy Assistant Job Description & Pharmacy Assistant Duties

A typical Pharmacy Assistant job description will depend on the size of the pharmacy you work in. Larger pharmacies that stock a wide range of other health and health-related products such as vitamins and weight loss products require many different pharmacy assistants to manage individual product categories for instance, they may hire 1 or more people to look after the sales of vitamins and supplements. The pharmacy assistant duties for a more typical, smaller community pharmacy are more diverse and you will usually be looking after a bit of everything which will make your role a lot more satisfying and colourful. More specifically, the day-to-day tasks that you will be taking care of if you work as a pharmacy assistant in a typical local pharmacy may include:

- Helping customers with a wide range of basic health-related enquiries
- Identifying the different types of basic medications to treat common ailments such as: headaches, skin care, cold & flu, pregnancy, baby care and so on
- Screening customers who require prescriptions and helping the pharmacist be more efficient in providing prescription medications
- Other everyday health-related enquiries

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